Leadership Team Chartering 

Is your leadership team a “team” or “leaders representing their organizations”?  Do you feel that the team is not working together for the good of the business? 

If your leadership team isn’t jelling, we can help!  The first step in building high-performing leadership teams is Leadership Team Chartering.

 What is Leadership Team Chartering?

Leadership Team Chartering is a facilitated process where a team designs an alliance to establish themselves as a high-performing team. 

We use the “-ing” suffix because what’s important is the act of chartering, not the resulting document.

Chartering sets a “container” for the team to work within.  Chartering helps teams agree on how they will work together and lays a foundation for trust.  Good relationships set the team up for high performance by removing barriers between people.

Our skilled facilitators take the team through activities and exercises that built trust, set boundaries, align on outcomes and define a decision-making framework.

What is Leadership Team Chartering like?

We flex to serve the needs of each team, but here’s a sample Agenda from a recent workshop:


  • Icebreaker and Intro

  • Purpose Exercise:  Why do we exist?

  • Decision Making Framework:  What drives our decisions?

  • Designed Alliance:  How will we work together?  How will we handle conflict?

  • Roles and Responsibilities:  What roles do we need?  Who does what?

  • Logistics:  When do we meet?



  • Risks, Challenges and Constraints:  What could cause us to fail?  What do we need to work around?

  • Key Learning Goals:  What knowledge and competencies does the organization need?

  • Key Success Factors: How do we know we’re succeeding?

  • Trust Exercise:  How can we strengthen our relationships?

  • Values Activity:  What do we value?  What values to we share? What is our identity as a team?