Leadership Strategy Session

This is the half-time huddle! A facilitated strategy session is a time to review, reflect, re-calibrate, and adjust for the next 6 months. What has been working in your strategy and what hasn’t? What are we going to do in the next 6 months that will win the game? We start with your outcomes, but we coach in the moment when misalignments are uncovered. We believe that if we don’t fix the culture the strategy won’t work. Where others might use the process to avoid talking about uncomfortable things, we are not afraid to delve into real issues.

Our Strategy Sessions enable participants to:

  • Align team on clear, shared outcomes

  • Top 5 priorities for the next 2 quarters

  • Learn practices for Outcome-Based management

The session sparks cultural changes in the organization:

  • Silo-busting. Move from conflicting priorities to shared outcomes

  • Laser-like focus. Establish good Prioritization Practices

  • Optimize Output. Understand how being busy is hurting your results

Sample Agenda

  • Retrospective on the current strategy

  • Define outcomes for the next 2 quarters

  • Align initiatives to outcomes

  • Prioritize initiatives

  • Envision reporting on Outcomes and Initiatives