Executive Agility Retreat

  • Is your leadership team acting as a true “team” or “representatives of their own organization”?

  • Do you have conflicting priorities across silos?   

  • Is everyone working crazy hours but not delivering more value?

  • Is your organization slow to respond to market opportunities and threats? 

We introduce processes that unearth dysfunction and help you rumble with them.

In this full day we will facilitate 3 working sessions that will help your leadership team with real business struggles. You will use your actual delivery information to walk away with shared outcomes, clearly identified priorities, understanding of your capacity and mutually agreed upon roles, responsibilities and action steps. Your team will bring actual delivery information to build your strategy and action plan.   


Module 1: Leadership Team Chartering

  • Build shared outcomes and design a team alliance

  • Retrospective on current strategy

  • Level up on meeting effectiveness

  • Define clear Mission, Vision and Outcomes

Module 2:     Optimizing for Value   

  • Map out demand and capacity

  • Customize prioritization model based on your actual delivery information

  • Clear Decision-Making framework to remove approval bottlenecks 

Module 3: Integrate and Action Plan

  • Uncover and address cultural and behavioral elements that no longer serve the team

  • Align initiatives to outcomes

  • Team commits to clearly identified outcomes

  • Mutually agree upon five top priorities  

Addressing organizational needs as well as individual growth gaps allows for a quicker and more effective response to the ever-changing market.  This one full day value packed training will shift the way your team operates, strategizes, prioritizes and makes decisions.  

Our promise to you that upon conclusion of this retreat you will leave as a high performing leadership team with a capacity to be responsive instead of reactive.