BlogToon Sweeps the Nation!

Welcome to WorkBytes: A Blogtoon that lifts you up and takes the “dys” out of “dysfunction” in Corporate America.

Our Mission:  To inspire organizations to become healthy, productive and FUN!

What is a Blogtoon?    A Blogtoon is a blog paired with a cartoon.  In line with the “FUN” part of our mission, we strive to inject an element of fun in everything we do.  The WorkBytes Blogtoon strives to deliver something laugh about, something think about and something try out.

What do we mean by Healthy, Productive and Fun?  
By Healthy, we mean emotionally healthy. We don’t mean physically healthy, we’re not going to make you run 5 miles and cut out sugar. (However, if you want to be physically healthy, we totally support you in that.)

By Productive, we mean that we are not here to be all touchy-feely at the expense of what’s good for your organization.  If the company is not making money (assuming for-profit), then no one’s going to be healthy and no one’s going to have much fun.

And by Fun we mean….well do I really have to explain that one?  Somehow the fun has gone out of some organizations, and that just stinks.  We spend so much time at work, it really ought to be fun.  I’m not talking about gratuitous, silliness here, although that might be okay too.  I’m talking about truly enjoying your job and the people you work with.

How did Work Bytes start?  Work Bytes' founders have a core belief that the way we manage people in corporation is inhumane.  We wanted to stop being a part of the problem, and start being part of the solution.  

We have our roots in the Agile community, but then we’ve found ourselves branching off into topics outside of Agile.

We love the Feedback Loop.  This is an experiment.  We hope to groove and improve every single day based on the feedback we get from you.